To hell and back again

Yes, it is true, I have been to the gates of Hell and back again. And I am quite smitten to return again. Because in true Noosa National Park fashion, Hells Gates, Granite Bay, and the rest of the Coastal Track is the closest thing to Paradise I have experienced thus far. Just about anContinue reading “To hell and back again”

Heading to Brisvegas, Baby!

It probably takes no more than a minute of conversation with me to find out that I am a city girl through and through. The sighting of more than five stars in a night sky is a rare occasion. And being woken up by ambulances and construction workers is a more common occurrence than chirpingContinue reading “Heading to Brisvegas, Baby!”

A White (Sand) Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white christmas…. Aussie style! Though it is common knowledge to many that I am a member of the tribe, I do like me some good ‘ol holiday spirit like the rest of them. And so, as I have been conducting a bit of unofficial research about how Australians picture their perfectContinue reading “A White (Sand) Christmas”

The Loneliness in Traveling Alone

After two months of experiencing a constant noise from the hustle and bustle of parrots and chickens and dogs and toddlers and grandmas and teenagers and backpackers, I finally found myself with an unexpected quiet night to myself. The stark contrast from what I had grown accustomed to had left me with a tinge ofContinue reading “The Loneliness in Traveling Alone”

Hanging at the home of the Crocodile Hunter

General admission to Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo….$59.00. Crikey! That’s bloody expensive! And to think that many Aussies used to despise the man back in the day. Luckily,¬†working in housekeeping hasn’t failed me yet. This time, it has helped me in getting my hands on a half priced ticket. Because toilet scrubber is basically the sameContinue reading “Hanging at the home of the Crocodile Hunter”