Heading to Brisvegas, Baby!

It probably takes no more than a minute of conversation with me to find out that I am a city girl through and through. The sighting of more than five stars in a night sky is a rare occasion. And being woken up by ambulances and construction workers is a more common occurrence than chirpingContinue reading “Heading to Brisvegas, Baby!”

A White (Sand) Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white christmas…. Aussie style! Though it is common knowledge to many that I am a member of the tribe, I do like me some good ‘ol holiday spirit like the rest of them. And so, as I have been conducting a bit of unofficial research about how Australians picture their perfectContinue reading “A White (Sand) Christmas”

Hanging at the home of the Crocodile Hunter

General admission to Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo….$59.00. Crikey! That’s bloody expensive! And to think that many Aussies used to despise the man back in the day. Luckily,¬†working in housekeeping hasn’t failed me yet. This time, it has helped me in getting my hands on a half priced ticket. Because toilet scrubber is basically the sameContinue reading “Hanging at the home of the Crocodile Hunter”

From the top of Mt. Coolum

On the days I’m not making beds and scrubbing toilets like a champ, I have been able to get out there and explore all of the great sights and attractions just minutes from Maroochydore. My two latest adventures took me to Mount Coolum and the Eumundi Markets. Upon arriving to the Sunshine Coast and goingContinue reading “From the top of Mt. Coolum”

Barefoot Nation

No shoes, no shirt, no service. I always thought of that sign posted in grocery stores and restaurants, more of a formality than a necessity. Used as a precaution to keep the crazy beach bum off their property. Never have I actually been in a place where the masses actually need a reminder to findContinue reading “Barefoot Nation”