Bali, Bali, Bali!

Though to many, it may seem as if I have been on a near year long vacation, I think it is worth mentioning the differentiation between travel and holiday. Now, I will be the first one to admit that I have had the time of my life on my travels, and the stresses and challengesContinue reading “Bali, Bali, Bali!”

Australia’s Top 5 Swimming Pools

My mother has been known to declare once or twice, that her three children were born with water instead of blood in our veins. And because there is no doubt about it, I am my mother’s daughter, I  had made it a goal to swim a mile in as many pools as possible across theContinue reading “Australia’s Top 5 Swimming Pools”

The Great Ocean Road

After living in Melbourne for 5 months, I decided it was probably time to check the one and only Great Ocean Road off my list of wonders. And so I thought a three day weekend in honor of the Queen was a great time for a day get-away to an Australian National Heritage. What IContinue reading “The Great Ocean Road”

Escape to Phillip Island

As I have been focusing on making the good ‘ol Melbs truly feel like home,  I realize that my grandiose adventures have been a bit lackluster. Now this is not to say that my “seeing and doing” has ceased to exist, because honestly a daily run in my St Kilda neighborhood is truly an adventureContinue reading “Escape to Phillip Island”