The Truth About Homesickness

As a previous blog may have alluded to, I did in fact have a couple of rough weeks upon first arriving here in Melbourne. As the height of homesickness kicked in, and the yearning for a place I could call home was in full force, I started to question what I was doing and whyContinue reading “The Truth About Homesickness”

Travels and Transitions

Transitions Suck! They really do. Shouldn’t it be that the more it happens, the easier it gets? That you should get better at dealing with the newness of the people and places surrounding you. Wouldn’t that be fair? Well either I have been jipped, or that is just not the case. It is not soContinue reading “Travels and Transitions”

Tackling Queensland Transportation

I have come to realize that the part of solo travel that makes me the most anxious is not going to an entirely new place without knowing a single soul, but instead the actual act of getting there. There are so many unknowns that are out of my hands when it comes to relying onContinue reading “Tackling Queensland Transportation”

The Backpacker’s Life

As I was preparing to get on my flight at Ohare International Airport a month and a half ago, I checked my bags and went through security as a traveler set out for a seven-ish month adventure on a Working Holiday visa. But somewhere between boarding my flight at 5:30pm in Chicago and the 30Continue reading “The Backpacker’s Life”